As we told you a couple of weeks ago, MBZ Churros attended the HORECA event at HIP 2019 with a stand which simulated a traditional churros café where we were able to demonstrate our revolutionary smokeless, odourless churros machine which allows people, in any given place, to produce churros in an instant. The only thing it needs is to be plugged in!

Throughout the 3-day fair people were able to try our exquisite churros and we were able to make some useful business contacts. MBZ is continuing in its business progress and that’s why we are negotiating with distribution partners who can distribute the product to all of Spain and Portugal. Also,as the General Director of MBZ said, “traditional churros are recognised and liked world-wide and because of this we are looking into expanding into the international market in the future.

The icing on the cake after a very successful week at HIP 2019 was that our smokeless, smell-less churros machine was chosen as ‘Product of the year’ in the 21st Century Technology Prizes that organise the publication called ‘El Suplemento (The Supplement)’.