Until now, the catering sector who wants to offer churros to their customers, has two options:

Receives daily churros already made (from a traditional maker or industrial provider)

If the churros are made in advance, after a very short time, they lose their properties (crunch, consistency and flavor). That forces sellers to make very tight orders (with the consequent loss of sales) or assume losses for those bought but not sold. Moreover, the offer for customers is usually limited only in the early morning, when churros are supplied.

With our product, the churros will be available at any time of day and always freshly made. Only those that are really going to be consumed are used, with a substantial cost savings.

ventajas mbz churros maquina vending

Buys frozen churros, that require frying

If the supplier serves frozen churros, then the quality and taste are clearly lower. Furthermore, they require the frying process, with the consequent need to have a fryer and smoke outlet, a cook, oil consumption, lack of consistent results, etc.

Our machines do not need any of these requirements, and can be used perfectly, for example, at a hotel breakfast buffet. Always delivering the flavor of the authentic artisan churro.